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Making a Presence

Things are well underway at Ethosian. Behind the scenes we are working on preparing our presence on the internet, first with our website and then with our scattering of social media on twitter, facebook and even linkedin. Our goal is for graphic designers to move towards sustainable practices and we’re looking to spread the word near and far to accomplish this.

While we’re working behind the scenes it’s become painfully obvious that doing “the right thing,” is not always the easiest. From simply trying to pool our knowledge and dispel myths to changing web hosts to a greener, more efficient company. Each of these things has been difficult to overcome and it provides just a small taste of the difficulties we will face in the future attempting to change popular opinion. However, we are not in this struggle looking for the easiest path to travel. We are instead looking to change opinions, break bad habits and educate the most stubborn of us. It’s a challenge that we know will be difficult to overcome, but when you’re attempting to protect precious natural resources, we feel it’s worth the struggle.

Keep checking back as we add more resources, tools and techniques for designers to improve their sustainability.